Yes... today I have felt pretty uninspired but I did manage to make some stuff.
  • In this first one I tried to draw from real life, which is something I haven't done since school. It's suppose to be one of my pencil-sharpener but somehow I managed to mess up the proportions. Oh well I guess I need to practice...

  • I don't know what this second one is... something cute. I might colour it later on.
  • The third is more of an experiment done with colour pencils but my scanner didn't pick up the purple colour that well. I like the idea but I think I might have to redo it sometime.
  • Last one... hmm yeah... it some kind of horse/dog/donkey creature. Didn't know how to make the body so I just did the head.


  1. Like the thing you did with the coloured/colored pencils alot :) The rest are all awesome too :D


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