Sunday, February 08, 2009

This snowy Sunday...

Fairy Laura01

...I have spent in front of the computer and resizing photos and then uploaded them to flickr. I was going to tackle the rest of my photos of my angelgnomes too but right now my fingers are freezing and my head feel funny so I better do them another day. =)

I mention in my last post that I have discovered pastel pencil and here is some pictures I have made with them so far.

Little bird on her hand

cat under moon

The two chimney house

Have also been painting a bit but noting is near finished and with the way I stared on new paintings I probable never will. I get stuck and don't know how to continue, but hopefully I will have something to show in a not too distant future.

Why is writing interesting thing is sooooo difficult! ;)

My birthday is coming up this week but that not really interesting now is it. Hmm... but I do look forward to the cake... ;)

Been reading Harry Potter and I started with The order of the Phoenix yesterday and yeah I like it so far. Just what you wanted to know... right lol!

Fairy Finn01

My head is pretty empty right now but I hope to have something better to say next time!

Thanks for looking!