Monday, January 22, 2007

My silly cat

Yes... he is a very silly cat my Findus. He have decided to occupy my lap once again which of course makes it really hard to write this and also make drawing a pain in the ass... but he knows all to well that I love him too much to chase him away... ;)

As for today's sketch blog entries... hmm or rather the sketches from the 21st of January, I haven't done so many but I will show you what I did mange to make.

  • I tried to draw a face from my mind in this first one, but it didn't turn out as I would like it to have, but perhaps I learned something from it...

  • A butterfly and dog... yeah that is my real life drawing for today. I made them with a ballpoint pen.

  • This is an idea that I drew a thumbnail sketch of and I really like it and I really want to make a finished painting of it.

  • Well I drew another YouTuber today. This time it's a girl called l3ryz and the video I looked at was Will you please draw me marcoseiji?. I use pencil and a smudge thing (don't know the name for it in English). I added the paper texture in photoshop.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Drawing people from YouTube

Yeah so a couple a days ago a guy named marcoseiji got featured on the first page on YouTube with his video drawing youtube and I really like it. He is really good at drawing and I think that it was a really cool idea... So I felt like giving it a go too. I need to practise drawing people and I spend way to much time on youtube anyway so I thought that I might as well get something out of it... I have only managed to draw two so far but I plan to make more.

  • The first youtuber is tomlmc and the video I looked at was Re: drawing youtube. It's just a quick sketch done in photoshop but I might paint some more on it... maybe.


  • A very small sketch of a spider and a half butterfly... the butterfly is my real life sketch for today, it's a toy butterfly that I have on a box.
  • I made a fairy today... I was going to draw the wings to but I got lazy, I will probably do them later on.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Yes... today I have felt pretty uninspired but I did manage to make some stuff.
  • In this first one I tried to draw from real life, which is something I haven't done since school. It's suppose to be one of my pencil-sharpener but somehow I managed to mess up the proportions. Oh well I guess I need to practice...

  • I don't know what this second one is... something cute. I might colour it later on.
  • The third is more of an experiment done with colour pencils but my scanner didn't pick up the purple colour that well. I like the idea but I think I might have to redo it sometime.
  • Last one... hmm yeah... it some kind of horse/dog/donkey creature. Didn't know how to make the body so I just did the head.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ink On Fingertip...

... yes that is what I have tonight. And that happened when I got frustrated with my self once again for not getting in the mood for drawing. So I simply felt like making a mess... Of course that is also what the picture turned out to be... a messy picture that I will never show. But it did fur fill it's purpose because after that I managed to make a few sketches and even one digital speed paint. They may not be that good but then again they are just sketches...

  • This fist one is a thumbnail sketch I did very quickly because I felt in the mood of making a acrylic painting (but on this I used coloured pencils), but then I lost the inspiration for it. She is suppose to be offering her heart to the viewer... I have made other sketches like this before but I don't think I have made a finished picture so far.
    I want to paint with acrylics but I always have a lot of trouble choosing colours so I often end up not doing it at all. For this I had though that I only would use shades of red, yellow and orange but I'm not sure jet. And besides I might think of a better motive before taking out the pallet.

  • This is also a thumbnail sketch that I made with a purple/pinkish felt marker... I really don't know what this is but I started on the head and the things growing out of it is suppose to be trees. It's strange... but I like it.

  • The third one is also something that just happened. I was drawing lines with my pencil and I fell for the hair (as I usually do). I was going to make a jacket with a fur like collar but I didn't know how the jacket should look, (and I got lazy), so this is is what I made. The darker parts have been made with a black ballpoint pen.

  • Ok... so here comes something with a very silly smile... and I don't know if that is some sort of dance or if he (or she) is trying to steel the nut from the squirrel. I tried to make a background for this... yay for me! ;)

  • Well the one bellow is actually probably going to be a finished drawing later on (if I don't get side tracked). Happy rain... of course I will draw the rain in the finished version don't you worry. So far I have use a pencil to draw the sketch and then use my brush pen to make the line art. Don't know if I should colour it in traditional media or in photoshop. Hmm... I guess I could do both... we'll see.

  • So the last one is a little speed-painting that I did after resizing all the other pictures above. It's been a long time since I painted anything in photoshop and I realised how much I missed it...
    This was going to be the logo for this blog but it didn't work out as I planed and I kept on adding things to it so in the end I decided to just put it in today's sketch-blog.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Silly little creatures and a face

My External Hard DriveWell the good news is that the external hard drive isn't broken so I haven't lost my files. The bad news is that it's my computer that there is something wrong with. It's probably something to do with the usb thingies but since I really don't know anything about those I can't be sure.
Hopefully my sisters boyfriend will be able to help me so that I can access my files from my computer... if not... well then I will have to go through the time consuming process of connecting the external hard drive to dad's comp and making the files available though the network and then copy the files I want to use from my comp... I really don't want to do that because that would mean that I probably wont get my lazy ass around to complete things. So lets hope I don't have to!

As for drawing. Well I have been drawing something everyday for the past Pencilthree weeks and I really am getting into it. But most of the things I have made this far are sketches and doodles but I'm trying to get myself to learn by looking at all sort of different things. So every day of the week I draw different subjects.
So on Mondays I draw women, Tuesday I try to draw men, Wednesday is animal or bird day, Thursday I'm forcing myself to draw buildings or rooms. On Friday I draw nature or plants, Saturday is bugs day and on Sunday I can draw whatever I want. I will probable change the subjects or add more things as I go along but for now this is good.

Another thing that I have started on these past few days is following a sort of Drawing the Human Figure From Your Mind - Lesson 1 video tutorial by Riven Phoenix. I found him through YouTube but he also have a blog called The Structure of Man. I really like his videos and I find it much easier to learn by seeing and listening so for me this is great. I have watch through Drawing the Human Figure From Your Mind - Lesson 1 - 6 so far but I hope to do lesson 7 when I have finished this blog post.
To see the first lesson simply scroll down in his blog.

And the sketches for this blog will be:

happy birdbuck tooth

boy falling fast

something crazylittle monster

strange looking sharkcrying monster

All except the one on the right side of the face has been done with a ballpoint pen.

I have a lot of things that I need to do and one of them is writing a new journal for my deviantART account. I also need to comment on a lot of people over there... =)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost files and Speed paintings from 2006

Well I was going to scan in some new stuff tonight, then re-size them and post them in this blog. But well... for some unknown reason the external usb hard drive, where I keep all my drawings, photographs and photoshop files, won't show up on my computer... So I don't know if I have lost everything or if I can fix it, but I was too upset to do it tonight so I will look into it more tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it to work again and if not... then I have lost all my latest photoshop files and my latest photos (which have a lot of pictures of our puppy Ronja that I can never get back). As for drawings... well I did burn a back up cd on those files a few days ago so I don't have to worry about those at least...

The Sketches

So for this sketch blog entry I had to take out some speed paintings I have done in Painter Essentials 2 that I happened to have saved on my local hard drive.

I did this after a small pencil sketch I had done... I will probably do a "real" version of this some day.

Yeah... nothing special.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sketches from December 2006

Just like the title says here are some sketches from December 2006 that I will show. Nothing really special but I do like them and hopefully I can use some of the ideas for "real" paintings... that is the plan at least. ;)

For 2007 I hope that I will use this sketch blog more then last year. I want to improve my drawing skills too and I have started drawing sketches with different topic every day of the week and so far I have actually done just that! I might show some of the best from every week later on depending on what I have used as reference and if I like them.

Who knows what 2007 might bring...