My silly cat

Yes... he is a very silly cat my Findus. He have decided to occupy my lap once again which of course makes it really hard to write this and also make drawing a pain in the ass... but he knows all to well that I love him too much to chase him away... ;)

As for today's sketch blog entries... hmm or rather the sketches from the 21st of January, I haven't done so many but I will show you what I did mange to make.

  • I tried to draw a face from my mind in this first one, but it didn't turn out as I would like it to have, but perhaps I learned something from it...

  • A butterfly and dog... yeah that is my real life drawing for today. I made them with a ballpoint pen.

  • This is an idea that I drew a thumbnail sketch of and I really like it and I really want to make a finished painting of it.

  • Well I drew another YouTuber today. This time it's a girl called l3ryz and the video I looked at was Will you please draw me marcoseiji?. I use pencil and a smudge thing (don't know the name for it in English). I added the paper texture in photoshop.



  1. Hey thanks for the comment on my video on youtube. Have you seen the competition that Paperlilies announced? You can win a 100 dollars and you with your talent has a shot at it for sure :)

  2. Your welcome ze7en! Yes I did see it... that's accually how I find you, I saw your comment and I thought it was really interesting so I went to see who it was.
    I actually think that I will give the contest a go... I already have an idea. All I have to do now is finish it in time. =D

  3. Hehe I was thinking of joining myself but I'm not sure...I can only copy...not create :)

    Good luck!

  4. heyy thank-you for drawing me sorry i only saw it now because i dont look at my coments very much it looks great by the way thanks again


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