Let's try this again


Inktober 2016 - day 7 "Lost"

It been over 7 years since my last post here on blogger, but I guessed a new entry was needed now that I no longer have a web hotel (it seemed silly paying all that money) but I am keeping my domain for now. 😊

A lot have of course changed during these years. I am a mom to a soon to be 7 year old girl, got a job, joined the amazing art card trading group ATC it Up with Friends that is hosted by the wonderful Tabitha Jensen aka pabkins and probably more important stuff that I forgot. 

2022 have not been a very active year in general for me but be sure to followed me over at my Instagram (anixen) since that is the place where I am most "active" at least. I still draw and create but rarely post my art on social media 😅

Youtube has been on hold for years now and I really don't feel like making videos in a near future, but who knows... I might change my mind.
Likewise Etsy is currently also on hold but occasionally I sell my art directly over on Instagram and you are always welcome to ask what is available. But I do not do commissions.

I think that is all I have for now but hopefully there will be an update again soon!

Until then!
Have a wonderful day



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