Sunday, December 14, 2008

All done

The second fair was also lot of fun and I did well in it too. I also meet some really nice people and I'm very glad I accepted to be in it. :)

The down side of it is of course that I have felt completely exhausted this week and having a cold upon that did not help much.

So there haven't been much creative things done this week but at least I have rearranged my room and cleaned it. And let me tell you... it was much needed. After a month (perhaps more) intense creating my room really was a big mess.

One of the cards I sold in the fair

Have signed up to Flickr but haven't uploaded anything yet but hopefully I will get to that by tomorrow. Thanks GM for suggesting it!

Sadly I didn't take any photos of the second fair so I can't show you what it looked like. :(

As usual there is more I want to talk about but it's late and I really should go to bed now.

Thanks for looking!

Har du hittat hit med mitt visitkort så får du gärna lämna en kommentar på svenska om det är något du inte förstår!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

One fair done...

I had a lot of fun at the fair and quite a few of my creation found a new home at the end of the day. The weather was good even thought it was a bit cold the last couple of hours.

I shared a table with my aunt who knits doll cloths and makes lovely fabric cones ornaments both big and small.
Here is some pictures of the table. The lighting in the room was not so good so I had to use the flash so it looks a bit harsh.

The cards where displayed on a black noticeboard that we pined a green garland around the edge. The card are hung from a string with mini clothespins. My uncle made the hangers so that the board could hand from the door.

For my "småfolk" I made that ugly looking tree thing. In my mind it was a good idea but it didn't turn out the way I planed but there I ran out of time so I had to use it anyhow. Need to come up with something better for the next fair.

In front of the tree we have some christmas tags I made. Also on the table is some of the angelgnomes (änglatomtar) that I have made, two is also hanging on the wall behind the table.

On the table is also the lucia dolls, both the big from last year and one of the new one I made. Will be showing you more pictures of them.

You can also see two paintings with black frames and both of them is now sold. =)

I also made the soft bunnies that is in the basket. They are made after my own pattern and I will be showing you some better pictures of them later on.

Now I need to make some more things for the next fair but feel free to ask me questions if there is something in specific you like to know more about. Also let me know if you want to see pictures of every single thing I have made for the fair and if not... what would you like to see more of?

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A quick update

October went by in a flash and November will soon join in. Have been meaning to update... but life sure knows how to get in the way doesn't it. =)

Working like crazy to get things done for the Christmas fair I am attending this Saturday. I have also accepted to be in another fair on the 7 december. So this week and the next will be really stressful but I'm excited as well.

Have lots more I want to tell you, but I need to get some sleep now so that my mind will cooperate in the morning!

Here is one of card that will be in the fair.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye dear September

This is what I have been making today. Well one of the nightgowns for the Lucia people at least. Only two more left to sew. Yay!
It's times like these I regret deciding to hand sew all dresses because it is very time consuming but hopefully the end result will make up for it.

I thought it might be fun for you to see the progress of these. Once I finished the gowns I will be making faces for the dolls and then attaching them on the loop you see, then I will give them hair. Finally I will be making all the accessories.

I made a Lucia tåg last year but they where 28cm and more adult looking while this new one is 16cm and will be more child like. :)

These next two are actually already finished but you will see more of them and two more like them once I have taken some proper photos of them. So I'm letting you imagine how they look. ;)

Picture From My Archive
One year ago this picture was taken of the lovely kitten that we call Ettan.

And her she is today!

Have a more new stuff to share with you but I'm leaving you with this little image of a girl and a butterfly that I never seem to get done but who knows what October might bring!

Thanks GM for suggesting the name for my blog! :)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mini Bunnies

Here are the mini bunnies I talked about in the previews post. All except the last bunny has key chains.
They are about 6-8cm with the ears. So far I have made around 30 of them! All are hand-sewn with small beads for eyes. Turning the ears was very hard in the beginning but with the help of flower sticks it is much easier. ;)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A name for me?

I thought it was time for a new post since it been awhile now. Don't have that much to say however but hey... do I ever. ;)

Have been wanting to make a banner for my blog for some time now but I can't seem to get anywhere. I keep getingt stuck on the name... I'm not sure if I like the name "Annika's Art Blog" but don't have a clue what else I should call it. Maybe "Akinna's Sketchblog" like the url name but I'm not happy with that either. So if anyone have any ideas or tipes that could help me get past the name, please let me know... I would love to hear them!

Today I have been working on four new 16cm dolls and on two 28cm. They are for the Christmas fair that will be on the 29 November here in my area, so they are going to be Christmas related.
Will be making things for the fair in time this year. That's why I'm starting early. Have already finished some cards and two brownies (well they are almost finished). I will also be selling my soft bunnies that I still haven't shown you jet, pictures coming soon. Will also sell my smallfolk (småfolk) that I have left from this summer.
So you will probable see snow and other winter things in the weeks to come. :)

Below is a little girl I made for my mother's bithday.

And here she is framed.

This card was made for my uncle.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Well here is another doll I made. Rosmarie is hanging up the laundry while the little magpie is keeping her company!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet Kerry Bluewing

Today I thought I would introduce you the fairy I made. She is a bit different then my previous dolls but I really like the way she turned out.

The wings are made out of organza fabric glued on to a wire and I made the silver pattern with glitter glue. I almost ran out of the glue the last wing so the lines aren't as good as the first once.

The plank (don't know what it's called) used too be a part of our veranda, but I saved it from the wheelbarrow where it was awaiting it's doom. I thought it looked so pretty and cool that I just couldn't let leave it there. I painted it with acrylics and with my water soluble crayons and then added a coat of varnish. The back is also painted on and there I wrote her name and made some swirls and added varnish on that side too.
Didn't get any good photos of the plank so I can't show you how it look without Kerry on it.

She is not stuck to the plank so she can be placed in other spots, she can even sit on a edge if placed right.

The hair is made out of brown yarn. I love these types of yarn for hair and I have bought other types and colours for future dolls. I got her cone shaped hair style by using four thin wire and then twining the yarn around it. I secured the hair with invisible thread. Then added some beads.

She is holding a little pink heart made out of a fabric. Maybe I should have use lager black beads for her eyes... well I guess I can try that out on the next doll I make in this style.

I thought the bottom part of the dress looked a little empty so I added this little fabric flower that I learned how to make from reading the DIY Fabric Flower instruction on BurdaStyle.

It took me a long time to finish her because I didn't know how I wanted her to look, but again I must say that I really like how she turned out. I hope you will too. ;)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Troll Love

Oh I really should try and reply to your lovely comments before posting again but if I push this of much longer then you will not see a new post from me in this month. So I hope you will forgive me!

I finished these two troll kids in early July and named them Agust and Lotta, well my mother named them to be exact. They are about 16cm tall and have tails made out of yarn, the same yarn was used for their hair. Sadly I only have these photos of them when they are finished and since they are already sold I can't take new once of them. But I hope you like them anyway! If you have any questions about them just let me know and I will do my best to answer you.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cats, ladybug and a heart

It's been another busy day over here but I thought that I would stop by to show you the little girls I have made. =)

I've been inspired by so many talented artists lately and among them are Adriana, Suzi Blu and Tascha. There are more wonderful women I admire out there that inspirer me with their art and words but I will save those for another day. ;)

As far as colours are concerned... well I still need to become a little more brave when it comes to that. I don't know why, but colours scare me more then I can explain. Perhaps I should try and force myself to pick up the brush everyday in something similar to my thumbnail book but... yeah... there is so much going on at the moment that I need to do before thinking about that. It is a lame excuse I know... Oh well who know what tomorrow might bring.

For you - made in june 2008. Black and white acrylic on watercolor paper.

Flickan och nyckelpigan - Made in june 2008. Black & white acrylic on watercolor paper. Colours added with caran d'Ache neocolor II crayons. Some glitter acrylic for her dress.

No name yet. I want to make something out of this lineart but haven't decided what it will be.

Katten & flickan - Made in July 2008. A drawing made with my Touch markers. My scanner didn't pick up the lighter shades so the background looks a bit strange.

Maybe you recognize this little thumbnail. It's was in my last entry when I showed my favorite thumbs from my thumbnail book. Well I was so inspired by it that I started painting it on a black canvas (that was inspired by Adri's Black canvas post). I'm not sure if I'm finished with it yet or not. My mother say it it fine the way it is, (she is the one who will get it), but I don't know... I still need to sign it however. The scanner didn't pick it up the way it looks in real life but I hope you will like it anyway. =)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A peek into my first thumbnail book

Wow... two post in the same week! That's almost a record for me. ;)

Just thought that I would share some of my favorite thumbs from my first thumbnail book. I started it on 2008-02-26 and it goes to 2008-06-24. It has 120 pages and a total of 720 thumbs. So picking out the thumbs that I wanted to share was hard. Really hard. I'm now down to 48 thumbs on 8 pictures. They are in a chronological order but they are not all from the same page.

The whole point of this thumbnail book was to force me to draw something everyday. And I have, but there is also a bonus point. I now have lots of ideas just waiting to be used for drawings and paintings. =)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Småfolks magneter

Where did June go? Times really fly by it seems and I'm having a hard time keeping up!

Things have been really busy over here. We are in the middle of painting our house and doing other summer related projects.

I have been creating my own stuff too but not as much as I should. But I have managed to finish some paintings, trolls, mini rabbits and... well I guess all my unfinished projects doesn't count but I did get these småfolks magnets done!

Humlan Honey

Sångfågeln Tori

Dragonfly Hanna

Husälvan Britt-Marie

Modefjärilen Dianna

Husälvan Holly

Trädgårdsfen Mary-Ann

Modefjärilen Vonne
I made her for my mum for mothers day because she really liked Dianna.

Sorry for the quality of the photos but I was in a rush since these was going to be at the crafter shop (don't know if that's the right word for it) that I'm apart of. Those that doesn't sell I will take better photos of once summer is over.

They all have different wings and if anyone wants to know more about them then just let me know.

I'm now finished with my first thumbnail book and have been keeping my new one going. Just haven't had the time to scan it yet but once I do I will be showing you some of my favorite thumbnails from it.

Hope your having a nice summer!