Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye dear September

This is what I have been making today. Well one of the nightgowns for the Lucia people at least. Only two more left to sew. Yay!
It's times like these I regret deciding to hand sew all dresses because it is very time consuming but hopefully the end result will make up for it.

I thought it might be fun for you to see the progress of these. Once I finished the gowns I will be making faces for the dolls and then attaching them on the loop you see, then I will give them hair. Finally I will be making all the accessories.

I made a Lucia tåg last year but they where 28cm and more adult looking while this new one is 16cm and will be more child like. :)

These next two are actually already finished but you will see more of them and two more like them once I have taken some proper photos of them. So I'm letting you imagine how they look. ;)

Picture From My Archive
One year ago this picture was taken of the lovely kitten that we call Ettan.

And her she is today!

Have a more new stuff to share with you but I'm leaving you with this little image of a girl and a butterfly that I never seem to get done but who knows what October might bring!

Thanks GM for suggesting the name for my blog! :)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mini Bunnies

Here are the mini bunnies I talked about in the previews post. All except the last bunny has key chains.
They are about 6-8cm with the ears. So far I have made around 30 of them! All are hand-sewn with small beads for eyes. Turning the ears was very hard in the beginning but with the help of flower sticks it is much easier. ;)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A name for me?

I thought it was time for a new post since it been awhile now. Don't have that much to say however but hey... do I ever. ;)

Have been wanting to make a banner for my blog for some time now but I can't seem to get anywhere. I keep getingt stuck on the name... I'm not sure if I like the name "Annika's Art Blog" but don't have a clue what else I should call it. Maybe "Akinna's Sketchblog" like the url name but I'm not happy with that either. So if anyone have any ideas or tipes that could help me get past the name, please let me know... I would love to hear them!

Today I have been working on four new 16cm dolls and on two 28cm. They are for the Christmas fair that will be on the 29 November here in my area, so they are going to be Christmas related.
Will be making things for the fair in time this year. That's why I'm starting early. Have already finished some cards and two brownies (well they are almost finished). I will also be selling my soft bunnies that I still haven't shown you jet, pictures coming soon. Will also sell my smallfolk (småfolk) that I have left from this summer.
So you will probable see snow and other winter things in the weeks to come. :)

Below is a little girl I made for my mother's bithday.

And here she is framed.

This card was made for my uncle.

Thanks for looking!