Friday, April 13, 2007

Hmm... I need to come up with better titles

Titles has always been something I have struggled with... even when I write in Swedish. And naming my pictures is even harder... hmm yeah. Sometimes my imagination sucks. ;)

So instead of me going on and on I thought that I would show you some the digital doodles I have done so far this year. Most of them are done in Corel Painter Essentials 2 but one or two have been made in Photoshop CS. Here we go.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YouTube videos and the final images

Ok here comes some of the videos I've made so far along with the final image.

  • A digital sketch of I girl that I did in Corel Painter Essentials 2 and the music in the video is also improvised by me on a keyboard. Nothing great and I messed up the left eye... Oh well.

  • Second digital painting I made was meant to be in more parts but I have messed up and I don't know if I want to continue painting on it. Maybe I will give it another go... but for know this is what I have. Also made in Corel Painter Essentials 2 and music in this video is by Sunrise Ave with the song Fairytale gone bad.

  • This next one is something very strange but for some reason I like it and it was really fun to make. I a few days ago I came across a video named The YouTube Art Show (Pt. 2) by anakin1814 where he shares a song that he had made and he also said that on his website he had more songs that could be downloaded and I really liked the song "Balance" so I headed over and downloaded all his song and I really liked them too. So I thought that why not send a message and ask if I could get permission to use his songs in my videos and he he was kind enough to let me. =) I plan to use more of his songs in future videos. If you like his music check out his website and be sure to take a look at his art work as well at The song in this video is called "Mad Scientist". So thanks once again Gary for letting me use your music.

I have more digital doodles coming but I will post them tomorrow because now I really need to get some sleep!

It's been a while...

... and a lot of things has happened and at the same time nothing at all.

I have been drawing and creating things, maybe not as much as I would have liked to but still. But I actually have kept my new years resolution about drawing daily sketches according to the list of subjects I set up for myself and I feel really good about that. As far as other projects go I haven't been as good at keeping up I'm afraid. I have a long to do list... and it keeps building up. Oh well, I guess I'll get there in time and if not... it's not like it would be the end of the world.

Another thing that has happened is that I turned 24 in February... yeah another year older and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...
Form the birthday money I got I bought my self a VIKA BLECKET Drawing-table top from IKEA with VIKA ARTUR legs that is "Adjustable to different positions for flat or angled table top".
And it feels great having a good place to sit and draw at and the glass top works just like a light table/light-box which makes it easy for me to take sketches and trace them onto good paper. I usually use cheap printer paper when I start out drawing something because I don't see any reason for ruining expensive art paper on something that might just turn out to be a doodle.

Another thing that I'm working on is making birthday card to sell in a local "store" (in lack of a better word), it's basically a place where local crafters and artists can sell their work. It's only open during the summer time and I'm going to be having a table together with my aunt who is selling handmade doll cloths. And if it goes well I might have my own table next year. But now I must get my act together and actually make the damn cards to... Grrr.... it's so much easier to do personal cards for friends and family members since I know them and can make it funnier and with more feeling then making a card for a complete stranger. But I'm working on it.

Another thing new is that I actually have a YouTube channel now... I first created it so that I could do video blogs but I really don't think that that is something I want to do... I think I would be a easy target for the so called "haters", (I really don't like that term thought) , so right now I'm posting time-lapse paintings and other art related things. I might do videos with me in it if I feel I have something to say that have so do with my art work... but with that said I'm sure I will be tempted to dive into the youtube community and do video responses and what not. But I don't think so. My channel name is TheCloudedMind if you would like to check out the video I have posted so far. I will probable add some of the videos in this blog when I have figured out how it works.

Soon you might have to endure a lot of photos of kittens because our cat My (that is her name) is expecting babies at the end of April and I'm planning on taking as much photos as I possible can... It going to be lots of fun and I'm excited.

I really need to update my deviantART gallery and journal soon but I find it really hard getting into it after this long... I still check in but now days I'm a lurker that simply observes and it has been months since I read any of the journals in my messages... it's not that I'm not interested but there is just so many people that I watch and some of them post several journals a day and I find that reading text on the computer screen really hurts my eyes... but I guess the basic truth is that I'm lazy.

Hmm there was more things that I was going to talk about but it seems like I have rambled on too far already so I think I will rap it up now. I will add a new blog post for the images instead of making this go on forever.

So in conclusion... I'm alive but I am not very active on the Internet. I simply watch and observe... And if you managed to make your way through this long text I salute you... ;)