Lost files and Speed paintings from 2006

Well I was going to scan in some new stuff tonight, then re-size them and post them in this blog. But well... for some unknown reason the external usb hard drive, where I keep all my drawings, photographs and photoshop files, won't show up on my computer... So I don't know if I have lost everything or if I can fix it, but I was too upset to do it tonight so I will look into it more tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it to work again and if not... then I have lost all my latest photoshop files and my latest photos (which have a lot of pictures of our puppy Ronja that I can never get back). As for drawings... well I did burn a back up cd on those files a few days ago so I don't have to worry about those at least...

The Sketches

So for this sketch blog entry I had to take out some speed paintings I have done in Painter Essentials 2 that I happened to have saved on my local hard drive.

I did this after a small pencil sketch I had done... I will probably do a "real" version of this some day.

Yeah... nothing special.


  1. I like these and hopefully you can get everything working again :) :hug:

  2. Thank you Marianna. I really hope so too =) :hug:


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