Här kommer bilder på strumpnissan Disa.

Here you have some pictures of the stocking doll Disa.

Disa är min andra strumpnisse som jag har gjort. Om du vill veta hela historien om hur jag kom i kontakt men Ulla Paaskes Strumpnissar se inlägget före detta.


Disa is my second "strumpnisse" doll that I have made and if you like to know the whole story behind how I discovered Ulla Paaske's book "Strumpnissar" then please take a look at the previus post.

I boken så står det att man ska använda ull när man stoppar nissarna men eftersom jag inte hade det tillgängligt så har jag använt mig av fyllnads vadd. Det fungerar och eftersom jag aldrig har testat med ull så är det svårt att säga vilken skillnaden blir.

In the book she writes that you shall use wool, but since I don't have that I have been using cotton wool (the thing you stuff pillows and stuffed animals with). It works just fine, but then again I haven't tried wool so it is hard to say what the differences is.


Kommer inte ihåg om jag har nämnt det men man använder sig av strumpbyxor när man skapar dessa dockor. Strump-byxan blir huden som du sedan syr fram ansiktet och andra kropps delar ur.

Nylon stocking

I don't know if I mentioned this before but when you make these dolls you use nylon stockings, that act like the skin that you then sew the face and other body parts in.

Gamla eller ej?

Visst kan man återanvända sina gamla strumpbyxor men själv har jag helt enkelt köpt nya one size byxor som är billiga. Har nu även använt mig av knä strumpbyxor i sunburn färgen, egentligen tycker jag att det blir lite i mörkaste laget men har inte hittat några i den nyansen jag skulle vilja ha än.

Old or new?

Of course you can use your old nylon stockings but I simply just buy the cheep one size once that come in large packs.

Min fråga till dig

Jag vet inte riktigt hur jag ska lösa det här med två språk i texten. Olika färger eller typsnitt? Bold text på ena eller inte. Kom gärna med förslag på hur jag kan lösa det!

My question to you

I really don't know I I should solve the two languages in my blogs. Should I use different colours on the text or different type faces. Bold text on one of the languages or not. Please let me know what you think!


  1. Hello Annika,

    I stumbled onto your post looking for samples of Nylon Stocking Dolls in order to explain the process to someone else. I noted that in your explanation you mentioned using cotton for the insides (verses wool). While cotton works, you might want to splurge and try wool as you can "shape" considerably more detail in the face than when using cotton. The resistance in wool makes for an ideal sculpture as it maintains its shape well.

    Some quality craft or sewing shops will sell the bulk wool. Don't bother looking into the chain stores like Michael's or JoAnne Fabrics as they don't normally have the clientele to sell this material to.

    If you know someone who is re-upholstering some old furniture, oftentimes, wool was used for the batting and you will have hit "pay dirt" if they are kind enough to share it with you.

    I thought you might appreciate the suggestions. Good luck on future creations.



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