Birthday, tables and card

A lot has happened since my last post. The biggest change must be the fact that I turned 25 last week. Not that I feel any different then before but it's still a change right!

Another thing that have changed is my room. I now have three work tables, my VIKA BLECKET Drawing-table that I bought last year and two VIKA AMON/ VIKA CURRY tables from IKEA. I'm using one table as a computer workspace and the other for sewing and creating my dolls. So far it's working really well but I still need to figure out some kind of storage solution, I need somewhere to but all my fabrics and sewing stuff.

I've been working on more of my mini dolls (småfolket) and started on four new 16cm dolls. I need to post more pictures of the dolls I have made so far but I'm not sure how to present them yet. But there will be pictures of them. Maybe I should open a Flickr account but I'm not sure how it works.

I have made another birthday card, this time it was for my cousin and I thought that I would leave you with pictures of it for now before I go. I didn't have time to scan it, so the
se photos is all I have of the card.

One last thing before I go to bed. I make birthday cards for family, relatives and others but I never seems do get one myself, I think it's kind of funny... ;)


  1. Beautiful cards! You have been tagged go to my blog to read the instructions. xoxo

  2. Nice cards! Hey, we share the same name! Neato!

    I love the name Annika. My only problem is when people call me 'Monica!' Ack!


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