Småfolk and Fia

Today I wanted to share some of my earlies dolls that I made in autumn and winter 2007. I have made more then these but didn't have time to take pictures of those and some of them is already sold.
I just wanted to show these to you before I post pictures of my new ones I have made. The fairy smallfolk magnets!

A fairy I made for our neighbors daughter. I named her Jen!

This is the angel Silvia. She was sold during the christmas fair.

Here is another angel named Tuva. She was also sold at the christmas fair.

This is stjärngossen Markus. He and Lucian Klara, (didn't take pictures of her), was also sold at the fair.

The doll below is a 16cm doll I made for my cousin.

Fia is the name I gave her. She has a dress that I designed and sewed. It didn't come out exactly as I planed but I'm pretty happy about it anyway. She also have wings that I made and the heart pendant that I made out of something called troll deg or salt deg (I think it would translate to salt paste or dough).

I embroidered the fabric heart with the words "Love me".


  1. I love your dolls! everytime I see your dolls I want to make some.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You also make me feel blessed, inspired and appreciated.
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.


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