Bunny, thumbnails and unfinished paintings

Hey it been awhile again, times really seems to fly by these days. Life has been hectic these past months and they probably will continue to be so but I will try to update more.

Next post I will do the tag thing that Adri gave me.

Thought I would leave you with some pictures.
Because I like pictures!

The first pages in my thumbnail book that I started 2008-02-26. I have been drawing in it everyday since!

I made this card for our neighbors daughter. :)

Unfinished paintings. The one above I started last year and now I'm stuck at this point. Below is a painting I haven't done much with so far but I'm trying something different.

I was working outside on our porch on a warm day.

This is the bunny Daniella. She is one out of six bunnies I have made.

Leaving you with this photo of one of my smallfolks (småfolk). I have named her but right now I can't remember what it is.

Until next time,
take care!


  1. It is so good to see you back! I love your new creations and I LOVE your style so much.

  2. I really like your thumbnail book. I may try something similar to get me back in the good habit of drawing every day. Your greeting cards are very nice. Good luck with your goal of drawing every day.

  3. Thank you vickie.
    The thumbnail book have been great for me and I have keept it going since february and that is a big thing for me. =)
    And now it's even time for me to buy another book because I only have about 10 days left in this one.
    I hope you find the thing to get you into the habit too!


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