STRIPPED -Raw and Real

Today I thought I could tell you about STRIPPED -Raw and Real... this a great place to listen to music on the web, I really love the fact that it is "raw and real" because it really brings... at least me closer to the music and makes me really stop and listen. And some of the artist that has been on so far has been completely unknown for me so it has opened my eyes to some new music... and the fact that almost all the artist that has been on have been singing a cover of a song they have chosen and making their own version of it really gives it an edge. I also enjoy the Interviews too. You can choose between seeing the video or listen to the audio and either play all or choose one of the songs. =)

And since this is my blog I will tell you about some of my personal favourites, but remember you don't have to like them... hehehe.
One of the first artist I heard on Stripped was Gavin DeGraw and I especially like the song "Belief". Another favourite is Brad Paisley and his cover of Eric Clapton's song "Layla". And I really love the song "Wild West Show" by Big & Rich, their other songs are alright but "Wild West Show" simply great. Reba's song "Fancy" is also a really great song! And I love all the songs by Shinedown along with Nelly Furtado's songs "Promiscuous", "Maneater" and her cover of Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy". And today was the first time I heard The Fray (they are the newest featured performance on the first page) and I feel in love with all the songs...
Well there you have some of my favourite artist on

Hmm... and since this is a sketch-blog I better show you some sketches or don't you think. ;)


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