Strange creatures...

I'm still trying to figure out what I could write in this blog... yes I know that this is a sketch-blog, but I would like to take the opportunity to write down things I find important.

However, the thing is I neither speak good English nor let alone write it and my spelling is awful at times, I'm aware of this but if I should write only in Swedish then most wouldn't have a clue on what I said and besides do I know that most Swedish people can understand English pretty well even though they may not be as good at the writing or speaking it.

Men finns det någon som undra va sjutton jag har skrivit så är det bara att att fråga på svenska. Hihi!!!

I use Google's spellcheck tool when I write but I still wish I had payed a little more attention in my English classes at school.

I don't think I have anything interesting to say right now but tomorrow I plan to tell you a little bit more about a great magazine I have bought for the last couple of months that I simply love! So stay tuned... ;)

Today's collection of sketches will be of some strange creatures I have drawn and I hope you will like them.

The creature above is just something a started on when I was with my friend and drew pictures for each other. Hmmm... well she was the one on a drawing spree and drew funny and cute pictures for me but I only manage to make a few for her... but this one I never finished and even tho I was planing to make a proper drawing out of it I haven't been able so far...

I acually named the creature above (the one withe the funny looking eyes) to Bizzy... I don't know why but it has been on my big pile of "must finish" picture for ever but I never seem to get to it. So I thought I should show you how far I have come... You can't see it that clearly but in the background I am making a tree with a hive hanging from one of the branches. I hope I can get the inspiration to finish it soon. =)

This cat, rabbit, lion and kangaroo looking creature I made one day when me and my sister sat down and drew together, I can't remember what she said bit I do know that she inspired me to make this one...


  1. Awesome, really like these especially the last one!


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