A new member off the family!

The Puppy

Yes thats right... we now have another dog in the family. I told you about the puppy my sister was getting in an earlier blog entry and how my mother and I wanted one of our own... Well mum did get dad to see our way (which wasn't that hard since he really wanted one too) so on Wednesday the 20 September we went to the same women and looked at the two puppies she had left. And even tho they both where very cute, we all fell for the one with the most fur, she was the one that was most forward and she acted just like she wanted us to pick her... and we did!

We have had a hard time deciding on what we are going to call her...On the paper she her name is Samira, witch is a really lovely name but it's a little to close to Safir and Saffy witch is the name on my sisters oldest dog... so we wanted her to have another name. At first we called her Tammy but that proved to be hard to remember and then we named her Buffy but again that was a little too close to Saffy. Finally we have decided on Ronja after Astid Lindgren's character because our Ronja is much like the girl in the book Ronia, the Robber's Daughter or Ronja Rövardotter as it's called in Swedish.

So with the new puppy here there haven't been much time for anything else other then taking her out to pee and to play with her. So in the evenings I have been so tired that I haven't had the energy to turn the computer on... I'm very tired now too but I have taken the opportunity to sit down and relax. So if there are lots of spelling mistakes in this you know why.

The Sketches

I have done some sketches while I have been "babysitting" but since I am so tired right now I haven't scanned them in jet so you will be seeing some older sketches today.

This first one is a sketch where I tried to do a full-body drawing in a pose that I haven't drawn before. It's not perfect but I sort of like it anyway.

I don't now what I was thinking when I drew this one... the arms look so strange but... hmm... yeah I still like to show it to you.

Some last words

In my last blog I talked about telling you about a great magazine I know but since I am so tired right now I will write about it in my next blog instead.


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