Pixie magnets made in 2009

Pixie no. 1
Pixie no. 1 - Sold

Another Sunday and as you might have guessed this post is going contain photos of the Pixie magnets I made back in 2009.

Pixie no. 4
Pixie no. 4 -Sold

I have shown some of them back then but I uploaded them too my flickr today so I though I let you see! All in all there are 10 pixie magnets from 2009 so check out my flickr to see them all.

Pixie no. 7
Pixie no. 7 - Available here

They are drawn with colour pencils with details and highlight with a white gel pen and fineliner pen. This first batch is drawn on rough wood but now days I sand the surface before drawing the pixies. I also have been adding 3D gel on the eyes to give them that little extra but now I'm not sure whether or not to continue doing that.

Pixie no. 9
Pixie no. 9 - Sold

So that was what I had for today and if you have any question feel free to leave a comment!

Pixie no. 8
Pixie no. 8 - Sold

Thanks for looking!


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