More WIP and A Vampire Lord

WIP - Pixie rought colour

It's Sunday and it's been another slow week here when inspiration just haven't been working properly or rather my energy is gone. But I know that January generally is a down period for me and I'm staring to accept that that's just how I am. I still have lots of ideas tho and it's not like I haven't done anything... just feels like it! :)

WIP - Pixie rought colour

The above pictures is how far I've come on the canvas pixies. There is still lots to do on them but I thought it might be fun too see how my painting progress goes.

Simple handpainted pouch: Vampire Lord

I have been adding new things to the shop and among them is this little Vampire Lord.

I have prepared a new batch of the white fabrics that is waiting for me to paint on them and I also have more black once to finish so we will see where I will start!

Thanks for looking!


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