Canvas Pixies - new and old

Whoopee... It's January and the first Wednesday of the year... not that anything special have happened today... but still! ;)

WIP - Pixie sketch

I haven't been doing very much these first days of the year... mostly sitting here in front of the computer procrastinating. Or searching for inspiration and making mental notes of what I want to be doing this year. No clear plans so far but lots of ideas at least.

So as you might guess from my all so cleaver headline and the pictures in here I wanted to show you some pixies.

Birthday Pixie

These will be/have been painted with acrylics on deep edged canvases that have two or three layers of brown paint as base.
The small ones are the new (if you couldn't tell) that I started today and the pixie with the pink eyes where made for my sister's 25 birthday in May 2010.
That one is pretty big, 40cm x 50cm. It is one of the biggest things I painted/drawn since school and it took quit a long time to get done. The flowers are suppose to be calla lily's.

Birthday Pixie - closeup

I use my brown shades of Derwent soft drawing pencils to sketch out the pixies and make shadows and highlights before bringing out the acrylics.

I haven't decided yet how I want the new pixies to look, maybe they will have a more sketchy look then the other but I guess I will get a better feel of them once I start working on them again.

WIP - Pixie sketches
I actually have done more on the pixie on the left but unloaded the camera before thinking
of taking another photo.

On a whole other note I just realized that I haven't posted any of my pixie magnets on flickr. I have shown some on here but considering that I made more then twenty so far I do feel a bit bad for keeping them to myself. Or well... most are already sold, so don't know where that leaves us! ;)

Thanks for looking!


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