Unicorn, Monster and a Cowboy

Simple handpainted pouch: Unicorn
A Unicorn pouch, can be found here.

So here I am this last day of the year trying to figure out something interesting to say... but unfortunately I can't think of anything. So... I guess I can tell you that I had a really nice Christmas! :)

Simple handpainted pouch: Monster Magic
This is one of my own favorite of the simple pouches that I made in 2010. Found here!

I have also been adding lots of new pouches to my Etsy shop and among them are the ones you see in this post!
I will continue to add more things to the shop in 2011 so keep a look out.

Simple handpainted pouch: Cowboy
This little cowboy is found here!

I wanted to do some kind of resume of 2010 but I will never make it in time now before 2010 ends so I might as well wait. I'm looking forward to 2011 and hope I can become a better blogger as we enter the new year.

If there is any suggestion of what you want to see and/or read from me in 2011 please feel free to leave me a comment!

Thanks for looking!


Happy New Year!


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