Hand-painted pouches: Magic, Heart, Ninja and Apple

Four handpainted pouches

Today I thought I would show you the finished pencil-cases, pouches or whatever you want to call these. They are large enough for those bigger marker pens (tested with my TRIA-markers) but I also know some who have used them for a wallet... so don't let the "pencil" limit your imagination.

They are all painted with fabric-paint and with details with fabric pens on black cotton and fixed with the iron according to the instructions.

Inside the pouches

The back fabric is white and dark blue striped (from IKEA). To make them a little more sturdy I gave them interfacing and also padded them for protection and softness.

I've used a black zipper for them all but might order some other colours for the coming once.

Here you have a sort of before and after image of them!

Magic Swirl Pouch, Before & After

Hearts Pouch, Before & After

Ninja Pouch, Before & After

Apple Pouch, Before & After

I've added Magic Swirls to my esty shop and will be adding the rest in the coming days.

Thanks for looking!


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