Tattoo design

I spent my Sunday making tattoo designs for my mum.
She is getting a tattoo on Tuesday so I wanted to have some finished design today so that I can do some last minutes changes if needed.

In the beginning she wanted her children's initials (me and my two sisters) but AAS just didn't seem right somehow. ;)
Then we where going to look up some chines signs but in the end she decided on having hers and ours star signs in a swirly design. Leo, Aquarius, Gemini and Capricorn.

Here are the two designs she is choosing from.

When ever I have had the computer on this week I have made some digital sketches. Noting to advance just yet but I like to share some of them. =)

These two are made on the 4 and 6 of January.

And these on the 7 and 9 January.

Thanks for looking!


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