My desk this morning...

This is how my desk looked this morning... and it still dose!

Have been sick for the last couple of days, witch of course is never fun but I'm starting to feel better so thats good.
This morning I had big plans and knew exactly what I wanted to write. Now I can't remember a thing. That should probably tell me to stop from procrastinating, but I know that it will not so lets move on shall we...

Like I mention in my last post my mum was having a tattoo done on Tuesday and she did choose the first design but with the second sun. The guy that tattooed her was really nice and it took him about three hours from stenciling the design to making the final touches. Mum is really happy and it's healing well.

I must say I would like to get a tattoo myself, have wanted one for years, but my skin doesn't heal well so I'm not sure that would be a good idea. My sister however have already booked a time to get her second and guess who she have decided will design it! =)

So there will be more tattoo designs here in the future.

Today I have added some new photos to my Flickr. Photos of my lucia dolls and the progress of making them. Next up is more of my angelgnomes and two bigger dolls to name a few.

making of luciatåget18

Thanks for looking!


  1. hi, annika! thank you so much for stopping by again. i love your new art and your desk looks great- lots of creativity floating around there! and your mum's tatoo is gorgeous! take care!


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