The 3 marker challenge [BG45, YG07 and Y00]

So was is my attempt of doing the Three Marker Challenge for my Youtube channel!

I put all my Copic Sketch markers into a bread basket and with closed eyes I drew the colors BG45, YG07 and Y00.

The finished scanned illustration. Completed January 12, 2015.

I actually had a hard time coming up with something to draw based on the colors I got, so the first ting I did was make these ten thumbnails to test out the colors and potential motives. But choosing between them proved to be challenging as well, so in the end I asked my lovely followers on Instagram to help me out. And the one I went with is the one that got most votes.

Thumbnail sketches

But before moving on to the final picture I spent some time fleshing out the idea some more with some more sketches, until I felt like I had something I liked.

The sketches.

Then it was time to do the final sketch on the actual paper and then start the camera and record the rest of the progress (video is at the end of this post).

Some pictures of the progress.
And here is the finished illustration with the tools I used. This was a very fun, but also challenging, picture to make!

Finished with all materials used. See details about that below.

Materials used:
Paper: Blue Pad, A5 170g
Sketch: A mechanical pencil (Pilot Vega 0.7) with blue lead
Line art: Copic Multiliner SP with a brush tip, a Pentel pocket brush and a Medallion drawing pen
Colors: Copic Sketch markers
Highlights: White Uni Posca Pen and Sakura Gelly Roll Pen

And here is the video of the making of it!

Thank you for looking!


  1. Hello Annika :D
    I just found about you and your blog when I was watching some YouTube videos about the 3 marker challenge. I fell in love with your drawings and when I discovered you had a blog and Instagram I was so happy! hehe now I'm following you on IG, YT and your blog via bloglovin ♥!
    I'll be looking forward new updates and I'll come visit your blog often :D
    Greetings from Mexico ^^ ♥!


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