Goodbye dear September

This is what I have been making today. Well one of the nightgowns for the Lucia people at least. Only two more left to sew. Yay!
It's times like these I regret deciding to hand sew all dresses because it is very time consuming but hopefully the end result will make up for it.

I thought it might be fun for you to see the progress of these. Once I finished the gowns I will be making faces for the dolls and then attaching them on the loop you see, then I will give them hair. Finally I will be making all the accessories.

I made a Lucia tåg last year but they where 28cm and more adult looking while this new one is 16cm and will be more child like. :)

These next two are actually already finished but you will see more of them and two more like them once I have taken some proper photos of them. So I'm letting you imagine how they look. ;)

Picture From My Archive
One year ago this picture was taken of the lovely kitten that we call Ettan.

And her she is today!

Have a more new stuff to share with you but I'm leaving you with this little image of a girl and a butterfly that I never seem to get done but who knows what October might bring!

Thanks GM for suggesting the name for my blog! :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. You have such a talent!
    I can't wait to see them finished!

  2. hi...
    it's been such long time since you make a post... what is happening with your crafts and drawings???
    hope to see something new soon.


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