Silly little creatures and a face

My External Hard DriveWell the good news is that the external hard drive isn't broken so I haven't lost my files. The bad news is that it's my computer that there is something wrong with. It's probably something to do with the usb thingies but since I really don't know anything about those I can't be sure.
Hopefully my sisters boyfriend will be able to help me so that I can access my files from my computer... if not... well then I will have to go through the time consuming process of connecting the external hard drive to dad's comp and making the files available though the network and then copy the files I want to use from my comp... I really don't want to do that because that would mean that I probably wont get my lazy ass around to complete things. So lets hope I don't have to!

As for drawing. Well I have been drawing something everyday for the past Pencilthree weeks and I really am getting into it. But most of the things I have made this far are sketches and doodles but I'm trying to get myself to learn by looking at all sort of different things. So every day of the week I draw different subjects.
So on Mondays I draw women, Tuesday I try to draw men, Wednesday is animal or bird day, Thursday I'm forcing myself to draw buildings or rooms. On Friday I draw nature or plants, Saturday is bugs day and on Sunday I can draw whatever I want. I will probable change the subjects or add more things as I go along but for now this is good.

Another thing that I have started on these past few days is following a sort of Drawing the Human Figure From Your Mind - Lesson 1 video tutorial by Riven Phoenix. I found him through YouTube but he also have a blog called The Structure of Man. I really like his videos and I find it much easier to learn by seeing and listening so for me this is great. I have watch through Drawing the Human Figure From Your Mind - Lesson 1 - 6 so far but I hope to do lesson 7 when I have finished this blog post.
To see the first lesson simply scroll down in his blog.

And the sketches for this blog will be:

happy birdbuck tooth

boy falling fast

something crazylittle monster

strange looking sharkcrying monster

All except the one on the right side of the face has been done with a ballpoint pen.

I have a lot of things that I need to do and one of them is writing a new journal for my deviantART account. I also need to comment on a lot of people over there... =)


  1. Really like these, the little dino like creature is VERY cute :)


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