Drawing people from YouTube

Yeah so a couple a days ago a guy named marcoseiji got featured on the first page on YouTube with his video drawing youtube and I really like it. He is really good at drawing and I think that it was a really cool idea... So I felt like giving it a go too. I need to practise drawing people and I spend way to much time on youtube anyway so I thought that I might as well get something out of it... I have only managed to draw two so far but I plan to make more.

  • The first youtuber is tomlmc and the video I looked at was Re: drawing youtube. It's just a quick sketch done in photoshop but I might paint some more on it... maybe.


  • A very small sketch of a spider and a half butterfly... the butterfly is my real life sketch for today, it's a toy butterfly that I have on a box.
  • I made a fairy today... I was going to draw the wings to but I got lazy, I will probably do them later on.


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