Time flies fast...

Taken in on a photo-walk in October.

Three months is a long time and I feel a little bit bad for not keeping a better update here but lot of things are different for me right now. I am attending a school for the first time in ages and am living there too. It's been a wonderful experience so far and I'm prioritizing spending time with my lovely classmates right now. I still create but not at the same pace that I'm used to, mostly doodles and such. So I'm gathering inspiration instead!

This week we have autumn holiday though, so I'm home at the moment and so far I have spent it with my crazy family. My little niece have grown so much since I last saw her and she is now running around and being cute!
The four finished pouches, here they are before they were sewn.
I have managed to finish four pouches (the ones above), but need to take some better photos of them and show you later on.

I plan to paint as many of the ones you see below this week while I am home but I'm having trouble concentrating so wish me luck!

WIP photo of the black pouches I have planned.

Some of the white pouches that is in progress.

I want to do some more digital work so there might be some speed-paintings and such in the coming month... you have been warned! ;)

Thanks for looking!


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