A Saturday in May

My table at Café med hantverk brevé, front view

My table at Café med hantverk brevé, side view

Little angel on tread.

The finished canvas pixie no.1

It's been longer then I planed since I last updated the blog but I have had a lot of things on my mind.
Mostly I where trying to organize and finish as much as possible for "Café med hantverk brevé", that we now have moved into and my table is pretty much setup for now.

The "store" won't open for the season until the 25 of June but there will be some bus tours before that and it will also be opened at our local fair-day on Saturday the 28 of May.

Sadly I had to inactivated some of the pouches and magnets in my etsy shop to get enough things for my table tho. But you had your eyes on one or more of them then please feel free to contact me and I might be able to add them in the store again for you! And if you like something that is in my etsy shop and are planning to visit Café med hantverk brevé then you could choose to pay and pick it up there. Just let me know.

That was all I had for today I think, will try and pull myself together and update at least once a week again. Let me know if there is something special you like me to write about or show, I'm a bit empty on ideas at the moment so any suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks for looking!


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