Ellie painting done + progress pictures

Just like the oh so amazing title say, this is Ellie. ;)
She is one of the naive folk-art inspired little girls that where on my desk a few weeks ago.
I finished her and another girl that I have named Viktualia last week. So this means that I actually have reached my goal of finishing two girls. Yay for me!

I thought I would show you Viktualia in a few days with progress pictures too, but until then you get to see Ellie.

The sketch

Under-painting and first colour layer

Laying down more colours

More colours

Rendering and adding colour-pencils and crayons

Last touches with white gel-pen for highlights

Done, photo in daylight

Below is the scanned picture without added glitter.

Scanned with one sheet of OH-paper between the painting and scanner

And this is the photographed version with glitter.

Photographed outside in daylight

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Annika, seeing your post makes me realize how muh I miss doing some work of my own... love that you showed the steps of your work. Great job, keep it up.


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