Painting a horned monster

For this weeks video my plan was to draw Link from the Legend of Zelda games, but I just couldn't get him to look any good. Or as my boyfriend pointed out, Link looked extra derpy. ;)

The sketch page from 2014-08-27.

So instead I decided to paint one of the sketches from last weeks video. I spent around one hour on it so it truly is a speed painting with all it's flaws. But he turned out quite cute so I'm happy with it. ^^

It was painted in Manga Studio 5.0, with some final touches made in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.
I also used brushes I bought from Frenden. The tablet I use is a Bosto 22HD.

And here is the video!

Thanks for looking!


  1. First time watching digital painting...interesting...but I think I like paper and inks more...;)


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