Some of the handpainted pouches from 2013

Tabby Cat, SOLD.
Here are some photos of the pouches/pencil cases I made last year. They are all drawn with fabric pens on unbleached cotton. They also have some touches with fabric paints. I also added some details with a white fabric pen.
To spice things up, I bought some colored zippers last year to add some touch to them.

The size for the pouches/cases is around 19cm x 8,5cm (about 7.5" x 3.3"). And will hold a couple of larger marker pens in them, but of course they will hold any thing you'd like. I know a lady who bought a pouch to keep her crochet needles in.

Reaching For The Blue Heartflowers, SOLD.

Birds In The Sky, SOLD.

Finding A Bird Creature In The Woods, SOLD.

Standing Among The Pink Heartflowers , SOLD.

Under The Cherry Blossom, SOLD.
White Squirrel Monster, SOLD.

Another Blue Butterfly In The Sky, available in the shop.

Take a look in my Etsy shop for others like these.

Thanks for looking!


  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea...never seen something like these before...but I never searched after ;) to know that you can do such projects, too :)


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