Monday, April 18, 2011

Ellie painting done + progress pictures

Just like the oh so amazing title say, this is Ellie. ;)
She is one of the naive folk-art inspired little girls that where on my desk a few weeks ago.
I finished her and another girl that I have named Viktualia last week. So this means that I actually have reached my goal of finishing two girls. Yay for me!

I thought I would show you Viktualia in a few days with progress pictures too, but until then you get to see Ellie.

The sketch

Under-painting and first colour layer

Laying down more colours

More colours

Rendering and adding colour-pencils and crayons

Last touches with white gel-pen for highlights

Done, photo in daylight

Below is the scanned picture without added glitter.

Scanned with one sheet of OH-paper between the painting and scanner

And this is the photographed version with glitter.

Photographed outside in daylight

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi Annika, seeing your post makes me realize how muh I miss doing some work of my own... love that you showed the steps of your work. Great job, keep it up.


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