Magnets in the making

I got home today after spending some lovely days at my grandmothers and with me was eight nearly finished pixie magnets!

It's kind of strange that in some ways it is much easier to create when being away from home. There isn't the same distractions as I have here and at the same time it is letting myself get inspired to continue to create once I get home (at least thats what I'm hoping for)!

This time I sanded the wood pieces before drawing on them with my color-pencils. Used the white gel pen for the highlights. Still experimenting with different ways to do them.
Tomorrow I will be sealing and adding the magnets to them.

Some will be going in my etsy shop later in the week but I have to keep most of them for "Café med hantverk brevé" (local craft store) that we are moving into next week. Will talk more about that another time. Until then!

Thanks for looking!


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