I knew I was forgetting someting

I was so sure that I posted something in January but...oops!

I have posted a few things on mine & mums blog so feel free to take a look. It's in Swedish but I have added a google translator in the sidebar.

So what has happened since last time?

My mother and me was in the paper the 14th of January in one of our local newspapers called Corren. It's only in Swedish and they don't have this article on their site unfortunately.

And our craft-room has got a new look!
Finally the craft-room has gotten a much needed face lift and there are still somethings to take care of but we are really happy with the outcome!

The first pixie of the year is finished...yay!
I started her late last summer but got stuck and since then she has been laying in my folder. But now she has gotten her wings and I feel done. Yesterday I framed her.

Pixie with lupins


And the first postcard is here!
Another new thing that has happened is that I actually have ordered and received a a set with 100 postcards of my "Pixie with tulips". I will sell them at the local craft place this summer and I will also be selling them on Etsy...

Postcard of Pixie with tulips

And that brings me to the next big news!
I have now opened a shop at Esty called angelgnome.etsy.com. Nothing is listed yet tho... I spent last evening writing my shop policies and all that. Tomorrow I will take some new photos and start adding at least one thing to the shop. I will keep you updated! ;)

Have also updated my Flickr with all the pixies I made last year. So take a look!

Thats all for now I think... sorry for missing a whole month. Will do my best to make it up for it!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Annika, no time no see..
    Thanks for your visit to my blog, these days are very fullfield, with so many details for the wedding... but i managed time so that i could came and visit the blog that I like! I think that the makeover at the craft room is very good, it became very lovely. Until next time, bye


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