Meet Kerry Bluewing

Today I thought I would introduce you the fairy I made. She is a bit different then my previous dolls but I really like the way she turned out.

The wings are made out of organza fabric glued on to a wire and I made the silver pattern with glitter glue. I almost ran out of the glue the last wing so the lines aren't as good as the first once.

The plank (don't know what it's called) used too be a part of our veranda, but I saved it from the wheelbarrow where it was awaiting it's doom. I thought it looked so pretty and cool that I just couldn't let leave it there. I painted it with acrylics and with my water soluble crayons and then added a coat of varnish. The back is also painted on and there I wrote her name and made some swirls and added varnish on that side too.
Didn't get any good photos of the plank so I can't show you how it look without Kerry on it.

She is not stuck to the plank so she can be placed in other spots, she can even sit on a edge if placed right.

The hair is made out of brown yarn. I love these types of yarn for hair and I have bought other types and colours for future dolls. I got her cone shaped hair style by using four thin wire and then twining the yarn around it. I secured the hair with invisible thread. Then added some beads.

She is holding a little pink heart made out of a fabric. Maybe I should have use lager black beads for her eyes... well I guess I can try that out on the next doll I make in this style.

I thought the bottom part of the dress looked a little empty so I added this little fabric flower that I learned how to make from reading the DIY Fabric Flower instruction on BurdaStyle.

It took me a long time to finish her because I didn't know how I wanted her to look, but again I must say that I really like how she turned out. I hope you will too. ;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very lovely fairy ;)
    Wonderfull wings, good creation work.

    I think you might like to take a pick at this link :

    ist's from a friend who makes fairies in felt. (

    until next post. bye :)

  2. i love her cute!

  3. Your doll is so beautiful! I love the simplicity of her face and the detail of her wings. Fantastic!!
    L♥ve xoxo


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