Ideas for game room

Well my sister and her boyfriend has a "game" room where they keep a air-hockey game and they also have a "bar" in one corner. And on the walls my sister haves a some of my drawings but on one wall there still is room for more... so my sister has asked me to draw something and I came up with a mini "comic" that might be fun.

The girl is supposed to be my sister and of course then the boy is her boyfriend. I know that in every panel they have a different look but it's still just a sketch and I haven't really decided on which look I want for it.

I might do four single drawings or make a big one like on the sketch... I don't know yet.


  1. SOOOOO cute!!!!! :D

  2. Air hockey is so fun! I had a set when I was little, it was the best.
    I don;t know what ever happened to it.


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