Some faces!

Here comes some sketches of random faces I have done this year... All have been done with pencil on ordinary computer paper.

As you might notice I have a thing for making those kinds of pointy ears... I don't' know why but I really like doing them... And on the sketch over here you see how I tried making a half-animal girl with leopard spots, (YES..I know it doesn't look anything near leopard spots but I tried).

On the sketch below I was going for some kind of native tribe person, I say person because even tho I was trying to draw a man I don't think I did a very good job... Why is drawing men and boys so darn hard... hmm... I guess I need to try harder next time.

Below you see a sketch of a clown I did as reference for a gift art, I never use this one though but might use it for something else later on.


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